Our goal

My partner and system integrator

By the manufacturer provided SAP technologies require in most cases, complex infrastructures and thus a very high degree of expertise in the design, operation and support of system landscapes. Additionally, in globalized markets and business processes that transcend extreme demands on integration, security and availability.

As part of an ongoing partnership and support services to their customers QC-one with these IT challenges to the side. Our consulting services and solutions help our customers to operate their system landscapes sure to make the business processes mapped and transparent information needs to handle better and better performance.

QC-one presents itself primarily as a technology company, with a claim to optimum customer care. The strong customer focus is particularly on through the entire life cycle expressed in a coordinated and long-term customer relationship-oriented product and service portfolio.

QC-one GmbH & Co. KG was founded in January 2004.

Our success factors

* The customer as a partner
As part of an ongoing partnership and support services to their customers QC-one with all IT challenges as a competent and responsible
conscious partner.
* Customer service oriented and practical products
In the areas of technology, service and operational services products were created to ensure the "best practice" approach for effective and efficient implementation.
* Experience
Our success factors are based on the experiences of the past 5 years we have gained from a variety of projects for large and medium-sized enterprises.
* Industry and market knowledge
The industry and market knowledge and excellent product knowledge and a comprehensive network of partners guarantee an optimal portfolio.
* High motivation
Another pillar of the success of QC, the one-above-average employee motivation dar. Through an employee stock ownership plan and appropriate staff development creates an optimal QC-one platform, which ensures a high level of identification with the company and acts against a fluctuation.