Service Management

In the field service management, we will jointly sure our customers with the effective and efficient operation and support of custom applications and system landscapes. Here we rely on the proven and accepted methods supported by the standard BS15000 (IT Infrastructure Library, short ITIL) have been established.

Based on the ITIL methods we have developed methods that allow effective analysis and implementation, most of these complex processes.

For the area of ​​service delivery, we have developed from our experience with outsourcing projects and our knowledge of the area of ​​operations, calculation methods and tools that give our customers the opportunity to represent the cost of operating transparently to the application. Thus we provide a fast way to build budgets available to define service levels and to create market-driven outsourcing services or to verify.

In the context of the service and support we have developed health checks and analysis tools on an existing or set up even more service and support organization, or optimize the customer-specific requirements can be adjusted.

Another focal point is located in the area of ​​risk management and the planning and implementation of measures recommended by the BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology).

In addition, we support our clients through the challenges

* Planning a service and support organization
* Implementation of measures to build a service and support organization
* Optimization of an existing service and support organization
* Implementation of safety and risk analysis and the implementation of measures
* Analysis of existing service and advice and support organizations

We will be happy, in a personal conversation, our range of products and our services.